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Your old remote meeting solutions aren't cutting it in 2022. To thrive in the new hybrid workplace, you need flexible AV solutions that help your team communicate and collaborate effortlessly.

Tired of learning new platforms for every meeting?

Our integrated AV solutions are ready to go with a click of a button -- or a voice command.

Not sure what your organization needs to work more efficiently?

We work with you to design a customized AV solution that fits your organization's needs.

Do technical difficulties make meetings impossible?

Get personal, on-site support whenever you need it.

Struggling to create an accurate and practical AV budget?

Our transparent pricing means you always know exactly what you'll pay.

Online meetings shouldn't be hard. With inGenius Solutions, they won’t be! Our professional integrators have the experience and knowledge to create the perfect meeting solutions for your organization.

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Director of Installation & Design, Travis Baumann, has been building AV solutions for organizations for nearly a decade. It’s the perfect blend of his passion for technology and communications, which has been honed over the years as a freelancer and now a business owner himself. Travis is not only a good partner but also a trusted advisor for clients - many of whom won’t go anywhere else for their AV projects.

“I’ve been building AV solutions for nearly a decade. There are two things that matter most: dependability and ease-of-use. And that’s our goal: AV tech that just works, without fuss or confusion.”

AV solutions from design to launch

We help organizations adapt to the changing times with professional, seamless AV integrations including huddle rooms, professional home offices, boardrooms, and more. Our solutions make your team look (and sound) good.

Meeting Room Design

Modern spaces require modern design - and the right technology. We keep up with hardware releases and test all equipment in house. As a result, we can design the best layouts for your budget, project scope, and specific feature needs. That way, you will never be stuck with equipment you won't use.

AV Installation

Installation is a core service of our business and we take pride in every room we build. No matter the size or quantity, all clients get access to: 

  • Client Portal: Access to a project management portal to see installation progress and communication.
  • InGenius Project Manager: An exclusive project manager assigned to your project to keep everything on schedule.
  • Field Service Reports: Daily updates on installation progress and issues from the Lead Technician assigned to your project. 

Meeting Support

You've spent so much time and energy preparing for your company all-hands meeting. The CEO steps onto the stage to begin their presentation. They start speaking, but no one can hear them because something is going on with the microphones and the projector keeps cutting out. Don't let this happen to you!

Let's make your next meeting magical! We have a network of certified technicians that can support you with setup, testing, live support and equipment teardown. That way, you can focus on being the rock star you are!

Service, Support and Staffing

When technology breaks, there’s nothing worse than waiting on hold for support -- and then still not having the issue fixed! That’s where we come in: One of our certified AV technicians will come to site, diagnose your issue, and provide a resolution. We'll get your system working again in no time! 

And with nationwide coverage, remote support, a service request portal, and transparent pricing via SLAs, you won’t have to worry about tech headaches ever again. Our techs even have year-round availability and can be brought in for daily, weekly or monthly contracts.

With inGenius as your AV integrator partner, you can focus on what you do best, while we take care of your video conferencing needs. No more technical difficulties, pixelated videos, or hard-to-hear audio. Just meeting room solutions that work. Period. 

Client Stories

We help teams communicate and work more efficiently, no matter where they are located. But don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers have to say about InGenius Solutions.

Albert, Franchise Owner

"Zoom is straightforward if you're an individual user. Yet the minute that you get into more complex events, you don’t know the equipment that you need even exists! And, you physically don't have enough time to follow what's going on with the equipment that's available to set up conference rooms and training rooms."


David, Chief Information Officer

"The things that stood out the most with InGenius was flexibility and speed of delivery. We had issues finding a vendor that could meet our expedited timeline. InGenius delivered."

Allen, Global IT Director

We were able to basically, day one, [in the] new office have every Zoom Room configured, every room working the way we wanted it to. People came into the office and just got straight to work. There was no, ‘Let’s get used to the rooms’, ‘How does this work?’

Let us design the perfect AV solution for you.

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As a Zoom-certified installation partner, we understand your needs. Our expert AV integrators will craft the perfect collaboration solutions for your organization. We make your team look (and sound) good!


Not sure what hardware you need? We can design the perfect AV solution for your space. Whether you are looking to build a new Zoom Room, boardroom, make the most of the space you have, or need to create a safer workspace, we have you covered.


We’ve built a nationwide network of Zoom Room installers to help you design, install, and service Zoom Rooms across your organization. Get back to work with professionally installed Zoom Rooms, huddle rooms, boardrooms, and hot seats.


Once we get your solutions up and running, we keep your rooms running smoothly. Need help? Give us a call. We are always ready to come on-site if you need service or support to keep your solutions working.

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