We’re remote ourselves and have the expertise to provide you with comprehensive solutions that we ourselves use.

With more people working from home, the need to stay effectively connected is critical. Many organizations are realizing the benefits of reducing expensive office real estate while creating a hybrid of in-office work spaces and inexpensive professional home office environments.

Financially this is a no-brainer, and on top of that, we can provide consultations with our HR team for maintaining your productivity requirements in a new remote world. 

Featured Technology Options

The current AV equipment available these days is simply amazing.

Consider some of these options:

  • Smart-framing cameras that automatically frame to all participants in the room
  • Beamforming microphone arrays that create seamless audience engagement
  • Interactive Touch displays that allow you to whiteboard, annotate, and collaborate
  • Speaker-tracking cameras that automatically follow a presenter as they move around the room
  • Audio fencing and advanced acoustic echo cancellation make it possible to have crystal clear audio even in difficult acoustic environments, i.e. glass walls, air returns, and high ceilings.
  • All-in-One appliances that have everything included for easier installation and maintenance

High quality videoconferencing is easier than ever

Let’s face it, we all can tell who is using their poor onboard cameras and microphones, and who is using professional gear. Some think poor quality may be passable for your coworkers, but it is not a professionally presentable solution for your clients or customers.

All of these technologies are available for a demo that you can see for yourself. 

Getting Started

When putting together your system, it’s critical to consider the physical space, including its unique acoustic and light properties. The monitors and cameras should be at a natural viewing angle, and properly sized for the room. Similarly, the speaker and microphone placement should follow the same natural focal point of attention.

There are a variety of options to choose from, we have put together a few of our favorites below. We encourage you to book a consultation with our Design Team to discuss further, or to schedule a demonstration of any gear you are interested in.

Home Office and Executive Conference Rooms

2020 changed the way we work as a team; it also changed where we work as a team. 

With more people working from home, the need to stay effectively connected is critical.

Our home office solutions provide an instant connection with team members across your entire organization. We believe it is important to ensure home office workers have quality tools to do their job and present professionally to your clients and colleagues.

Our tools provide the ability to get face to face with colleagues & clients with the click of a button, and collaborate side-by-side as if you were sitting at the same table.

Home Office Configurations

Bring-Your-Own-Device Systems

Enjoy enhanced audio and video quality from your laptop or desktop, with professional grade video soundbars or peripheral camera and microphone combinations.

Create happy video conference experiences on the go anywhere you’re connected with small lightweight components that travel well with you so you can set up wherever you are.

All-in-One Appliances

To create a conference room quality experience in your home, use one of the latest All-in-One Appliances. These appliances can be easily installed in your home to greatly improve your meeting experience.

This creates an easy tap to join meetings experience with full control of the system through a touch panel.  Allowing you to move about your home office freely while conducting interactive meetings with your teammates.

Touch Systems

For those who use annotation regularly in their meetings, a touch system is vital for the home office. Give yourself the opportunity to use an interactive whiteboard to freely annotate and clearly express your vision while in a meeting.

These interactive touch screen monitors provide the full Zoom Rooms experience accessible with a touch interface, and no mouse/keyboard required.

Huddle Rooms

Huddle rooms enable you to do more with less, with typically lower equipment and installation costs.

For this reason, the Huddle Room has become one of the most popular meeting spaces in the modern workplace. This is a strategically small space that typically accommodates up to 7 people.

With a small real estate footprint and low cost installation, you can quickly build out several Huddle Rooms allowing for small groups to easily meet on the fly in a quiet space for an intimate conversation, brain-storming, or problem solving session without interruption. 

As a small room, this is the ultimate flex use space, which is increasingly more necessary as organizations look to head back into the office. When teammates aren’t using the space to meet, the room can be used as a multi-use space, such as a client-use office, or hot-desking environment for remote workers.

Huddle Room Configurations

Huddle Kits

For the ultimate in flexibility and scalability, custom kits include individual components that deliver a sharp camera image, and crystal clear audio.

With either stand alone components or a Video Soundbar these kits provide excellent quality and simplified installation.

All-in-One Appliances

All-in-one Appliances are the perfect solution for the Huddle Room, by making it easier to deploy and manage Zoom Rooms then ever before.

These standalone devices have a built in compute, mic, speaker, camera, and include a PoE powered controller for all control interfacing. They also support both wired and wireless content sharing.

Touch Huddle

Create the ultimate meeting experience in your Huddle Room with our All-In-One touch solutions that give you the full arsenal of collaboration tools.

HD cameras and microphones built into a large format touch display provide a single standalone meeting device with the added functionality of real time, collaborative digital whiteboarding and on-screen meeting control.

Conference Rooms

Today’s conventional Conference room is a medium sized space seating 7-13 people.

A space designed where entire teams can come together to present and collaborate on ideas, in a private session, or connect and share with colleagues all over the globe, whether they’re in a home office, or a corporate boardroom.

For most conference rooms, we recommend two 55-65” displays, a single HD PTZ camera with auto-framing mounted between the displays, table-top microphones, and a stereo soundbar wall-mounted above the displays to deliver a matched point of focus with the audio and video experience.

An additional touch display with Windows 10 PC running Zoom Rooms for Touch can be paired with the room in Whiteboard companion mode.

Conference Room Configurations


The platinum conference room is the ultimate package for clients looking for a top of the line meeting experience. 

These kits build upon Premium packages, by offering a ceiling microphone array that allows for seamless audience engagement through the room. With a sleek design, and no visible wires, this frees up table space and provides a streamlined solution that delivers the best possible audio coverage throughout the room.


The premium conference room is designed for clients looking for maximum performance with a limited budget. 

These kits offer best in class table-top microphones as well as a Digital Signal Processor, for greatly improved audio clarity. With enhanced features such as audio fencing and advanced acoustic echo cancellation, your meetings will sound richer and clearer than ever before.


This is a simple DIY solution that is USB-based, delivers great audio and video quality on a budget, and can be installed very easily. No advanced programming or configuration is required for a professional experience.

We always recommend having InGenius perform your installations for the best overall results, however these are DIY solutions that could be installed yourself.


The Boardroom is the centerpiece of your office space and defines your culture.

It is the ultimate war room for today’s visionaries shaping the future, and a place for shareholders to say yes or no. The Boardroom is your company’s virtual face in a video connected world. This is a space to showcase today’s best technologies and collaboration solutions.

Whether you need a world-class Boardroom, or a simple enterprise-grade meeting space for large groups, we have your solution. Our basic kit can often be installed and commissioned by your internal AV/IT support team. Our Premium and Platinum custom designs are professionally installed by our Certified InGenius Engineers.

Boardroom Configurations


For our enterprise clients we install ProAV systems across the globe with today’s industry-leading technology. Utilizing ceiling speaker and microphone arrays, as well as automated HD PTZ cameras, we deliver systems designed for seamless hands-off participant engagement and consistent audio and video coverage throughout the room.


Our premium kit is the ultimate package for clients looking for maximum performance with a limited budget. 

These kits offer a best in class table-top microphone array scalable to any size room, as well as full range in-ceiling speakers for even sound coverage throughout the room. One or two HD PTZ cameras with automated framing and tracking provide video coverage from any vantage point in the room.


For the tech savvy client and those with AV/IT Support teams looking for a DIY solution, we offer our basic Boardroom kit. 

These kits include USB table-top microphones and soundbars for easier deployment and reduced costs, as well as a HD PTZ camera and touchscreen controller that all connect to the Zoom Rooms PC or MAC.

These easy to install kits include high-quality equipment at a great price point.

Classrooms and Specialty Room Solutions

Bring people together to share and collaborate on important information.

These Pro AV room designs have a wide range of equipment for ultimate flexibility and customization.

We’ve put together a few of our most common designs for you to choose from.  Whatever your needs, we can work with you to design the best solution for your budget.

Key design aspects include:

  • Speaker Tracking Presenter Cameras
  • Auto-Framing Audience Camera
  • Clear and easy-to-use Presenter microphones
  • Microphones for seamless audience engagement
  • Large displays for presentation
  • Presenter Confidence Monitors
  • Annotable whiteboard for collaboration
  • Easy to use systems for instructor and participant engagement

Classrooms and Specialty Rooms Configurations

All Hands Spaces

All Hands Spaces are used to bring your entire company together and share important information with employees and stakeholders. This is where you develop buy-in and share crucial information, it’s vital to have a system that is easy for presenters to engage their audience.

Training Rooms

Training rooms combine the learning benefits of live, instructor-led training with the power and flexibility of a virtual platform. The result is a hybrid learning environment where remote participants experience the same collaboration, instructor interaction, and learning benefits as if they were physically in the classroom.


Today’s classrooms range from small hybrid classrooms for distance learning to larger classrooms for professional or higher education uses. We design remote classrooms that deliver an experience that is no different than an in-person classroom. Cameras follow the presenter as they walk, interactive whiteboards allow live annotation, and students are highlighted when they interact. Everyone is clearly heard as if they were in the same room.