How we helped a Keller Williams agent adapt his growing company to the new world of Zoom.

Albert Meggers is the owner of several Keller Williams real estate offices with locations throughout California.

“I spent my life living in a hotel room, going from place to place. We really weren’t using any kind of AV technology because we were running local meetings.”

“Zoom is straightforward if you’re an individual user. Yet the minute that you get into more complex events, you don’t know the equipment that you need even exists! And, I didn’t have enough time to follow what’s going on with the equipment that’s available for conference rooms and training rooms. “

That’s where InGenius comes in. InGenius is at the forefront of technology and educating business leaders on options based on their needs.

“It occurred to me very quickly that there was no chance we were going to be able to do this on our own and have a professional result. And while Zoom has become very universal, we have to do a better job than what somebody can do at home.

“Small business owners like myself need a company like InGenius Solutions. One that’s focused on designing installations in our scale on a one-to-one basis.”

“Believe it or not, there’re not a lot of Zoom integrators out there. In fact, I don’t even think the average person even knows that there’s such a profession. And so you have to just go online and start trying to find solutions. I interviewed several organizations and frankly, most of them are too big because they’re looking for Fortune 500 companies that want to do 500 conference rooms across the world.”

InGenius designs and installs solutions for your budget.

“If we’re a professional organization that’s trying to look professional in the marketplace, then we need to have a Zoom experience now that is different and better than what happens if you just open it up in your bedroom at your house. You need to have something that distinguishes you.”

“I think the best part about working with Travis and InGenius is that Travis is constantly looking at what’s on the cutting edge of Zoom equipment; about what the best cost versus value options are in the marketplace. I can rely on his advice to get the best bang for our buck on each installation. Finally, I could talk to somebody individually about equipment choices and rooms, and we weren’t operating with an expectation that we were going to spend a million dollars.”

“Working with a professional Zoom integrator makes sure that you’re best-in-class when it comes to what you look like in your online meetings.”

Hybrid work environments are the future and we understand your urgency to get there.

“Since we started working together, we’ve been able to begin learning and perfecting how we do hybrid local & remote training events; where some portion of the audience is going to be local, and some portion of the audience is going to be remote, and, honestly, that’s never going to change.”

“That’s the new way we’re going to do business going forward decades from now. So we’re getting a head start on a type of event that’s probably going to be the industry-wide standard for decades to come.”

“From design to implementation, we’re usually working in a period of weeks; we have a sense of urgency to demonstrate leadership sooner rather than later. Travis is able to have people on the ground within weeks of making a decision and a final lock on design.”

InGenius is able to present new technology like occupancy sensors and scheduling panels to help manage and maintain safe working environments.

“It’s interesting that when you start on this path, you start to realize that you can solve other problems that you didn’t intend to. For example, after installing a Zoom Room, we realized we can use digital signage to control occupancy of the live events, and that’s something we’d never considered when we got started.”

InGenius is dedicated to providing you with the best solution.

“We’ve had a couple of designs where specific pieces of equipment were good, but they didn’t really nail the quality of a camera or the quality of audio. Travis has the same high standards. So, immediately we move into solutions, replace equipment, and they don’t stop until we’re very happy.”

In the end, the client was happy and had this to say about InGenius and the results for his company.

“I think it goes without question that we’re now immediately recognized as a leader in the current state of affairs with distance training in our local communities and industry.”

“If you’re going to do professional Zoom rooms, you need to work with an integrator like Travis. InGenius Solutions offers the ability to have a tour guide through a completely new landscape.