Large AV integrators manage technical challenges across huge geographies. Support engineers at these companies keep customers happy by resolving issues quickly and effectively.

But oftentimes, there aren’t enough techs on staff to handle requests promptly, or they aren’t in the right locations to serve clients quickly, or they don’t have the precise skill needed to solve the issue.

That’s where InGenius comes in.

Dealing with untrained techs was eating up time that should have been spent making customers happy

Support engineers know that not all techs are created equal. That’s particularly the case when working with outside AV providers. That means spending time on unnecessary and redundant training to get untrained techs up to speed — instead of spending time managing your customer relationship. Before working with InGenius, this was a common-trade off that our nationwide AV integrator client faced.

“These cases are coming in fast and hard. You’ve got some very vocal customers that you have to spend some time on the phone with or on email just making them feel at ease, and letting them know everything’s going to be okay, that we’re working on it… My time was eaten up on the phone walking an untrained tech through solving a very simple problem… I found myself with a lot of AV providers, I just have to go down to basics and say, “okay, this is an RS-232 kit. This is the pin out that you should see.” Just little things that any AV tech should know that would traditionally eat up my time.”

InGenius’s highly qualified techs became part of the team

When our nationwide AV integrator client started to leverage InGenius’s services, the situation changed. Our client started using InGenius’s vetted, qualified technicians
in cases where their techs were too far away. Support engineers started sending requests to InGenius, and getting nearly instant notice that we were dispatching someone highly trained and qualified to handle the issue.

This meant:

  • Less time sourcing and managing technicians
  • More confidence the case would be resolved quickly and
  • More time spent making the customer happy

“InGenius always manages to get me somebody that’s right for the job”

“I kind of feel like a lot of these other providers are more concerned about getting a warm body on site… [InGenius] always manages to get me somebody that’s right for the job…. I know what I’m getting when I call them. I know I can expect a certain level of service. I can expect a certain level of tech expertise. I like that there’s somebody that I can call on the phone if something’s going wrong and I get answers really quick. They’re really, I mean as far as I’m concerned, they’re a part of the team because I wouldn’t be able to operate without them.

With dependable service and quick dispatching, our client started relying on us—even for Fortune 100-level accounts

With qualified techs ready to dispatch at a moment’s notice nationwide, our client’s support engineers have been able to surprise and delight customers with their responsiveness and level of service.

Even with critical, Fortune 100-level accounts, our client relies on InGenius techs to solve issues quickly and effectively.

“I can’t count the number of times InGenius techs have saved my rear end”

“InGenius constantly surprises me, pleasantly surprises me with techs that are well trained, that are knowledgeable. Just one example, we had a major issue at [a Fortune 100 company’s] office.

I sent an email out to InGenius. They had a reply to my inbox within, I want to say under 120 seconds. It was amazing. Was able to coordinate the dispatch for the next day. The customer was happy. The customer could relax a little bit knowing that I had gotten it all taken care of.”

We freed up our client’s time and made them look good to customers

For AV integrators, the end goal is to keep customers happy. But for integrators with customers across the country, too much time can be sucked up by logistical and personnel challenges — time that should be spent managing customer relationships. Our nationwide AV integrator client found that relying on InGenius helped them to spend less time managing technical issues and personnel, and more time keeping customers happy.

“I don’t have to worry about the tech that I’m going to get on site because I’ve already told InGenius to get me a tech… It allows me to be more productive because I can get a lot more casework done knowing that I don’t have to sit on the phone with an untrained tech for hours on end to solve a super simple problem…

I get a lot of good customers saying, ‘Hey, I’m so happy you guys were so responsive.’ But I’ve got companies like yours working behind the scenes making me look good.”