Allen Jeter is an expert in IT. He’s held positions from entry-level to Global Director.

As his career has progressed, more has landed on his plate — including AV responsibilities. Wanting to bring top-tier level AV to his company, Allen realized he needed an integration partner.

I could go around and do each room myself and spend hours upon hours completing these AV tasks. But would it be to the level of quality that you would expect if you, let’s say went into a room at LinkedIn or Google and saw their setup? There’d still be wires hanging down, I didn’t necessarily mount the camera in the right place, there’s a lot of room for improvement. And so this brought up the need to have a dedicated AV integration partner or engineer.

Over the years, InGenius has become Allen’s go–to partner for AV. Landing in new roles, he was able to be instantly valuable by deploying our team. This case study follows our work with Allen on a particularly challenging project.

Building 25 Zoom Rooms in a Time Crunch

Allen’s previous company was building out a new office in Denver, CO. He hired InGenius as his AV partner to design, install and configure 25 interconnected Zoom Rooms across multiple floors.

During the project, we faced two major timeline changes:

  • First, the move-in date was pushed out by two weeks.
  • Second, the final office opening date got moved 4 days early.

But the mutual trust between Allen and our team helped us work around the challenges and make it happen.

As Simple as Pressing “Start Meeting”

Over the course of several weeks, we worked alongside contractors to build two dozen state-of-the-art Zoom Rooms, customized to meet Allen’s organization’s needs.

This meant:

  • Making sure his users didn’t have to do anything but press “Start Meeting” — saving him support tickets and troubleshooting calls every day
  • Standardizing the user experience across every single room, so that no matter where his coworkers were, the experience was intuitive and easy
  • Supporting him as his organization started using and relying their new video conferencing rooms — freeing up his time to focus on leading his IT team and vision

To make all this happen despite the schedule changes, we added more heads to the project to complete it on time.

Productive on Day One

“We were able to basically, day one, [in the] new office have every Zoom Room configured, every room working the way we wanted it to.”

“People came into the office and just got straight to work. There was no, ‘Let’s get used to the rooms’, ‘How does this work?’

People were able to literally just walk in and start doing meetings, just be as productive as possible. And that’s all due to InGenius and Travis being able to navigate our requirements and the changing, evolving requirements of that project.”

Happier Users & No More AV Headaches

Partnering with InGenius for this project (and many other projects since), Allen has been able to stop dealing with AV problems and outdated videoconferencing technology.

As he’s changed roles and companies over the years, InGenius has been with him every step of the way. He now has a “go-to” integrator to ultimately make his job easier and his users happier.

As an IT director now, InGenius Solutions has made my job just easier… Regardless of the company that I’m part of, InGenius always will be my go to AV Integrator. And building a relationship like that and building bridges like that is truly powerful because now regardless of a company I work at, I’m still going to be calling InGenius up because I know that their product and their solutions are superior to everyone else.