Robust systems don’t have to be complicated.

Bringing your entire organization together should look and sound as great as your Huddle Room. We can provide the same happy frictionless experience in any size space.

We build custom integrated Specialty Zoom Rooms that simply work

Whether you’re holding an all–hands meeting or a training event for your organization, it’s critical to have a dedicated space with dependable audio-video.

Zoom works so well in large spaces because it’s scalable — with hundreds of participants and thousands of viewers possible at any one time.

For critical meetings and events, having InGenius by your side ensures things will just work.


Zoom Rooms Guide for Specialty Rooms

Full_Large Conference

All Hands Spaces

Bring people together to share and collaborate on important information. These Pro AV room designs have a wide range of equipment for ultimate flexibility and customization.

We've put together a few of our most common designs for you to choose from.  Whatever your needs, we can work with you to design the best solution for your budget.

When you need to bring your entire organization together, our All-Hands systems connect companies and stakeholders around the globe.

All-hands spaces are large areas often built into a company's Cafe, recreation space, or even a dedicated multi-purpose room or auditorium. Meetings can simultaneously be shared across multiple platforms in real-time.

Our InGenius Solutions integrate seamless audio and video into any space blending the technology in the room. This allows for greater flexibility in spaces where the technology is only used for monthly or quarterly meetings and town-halls, but is always ready for an impromptu gathering.

There are countless equipment options we can tailor to meet your specific space and use-cases. We can provide a completely hands-off experience, or integrate handheld mics and lavaliers for town-hall style meetings.

Training Rooms

The training room provides technology-rich spaces designed to instruct and inform your local team as well as broadcast and connect to other training rooms or remote participants anywhere in the world. Trainings can also be recorded and webcast.

Our designs include high quality microphone solutions which can be hands-free ceiling, lectern style, and/or handheld and lavaliers.

Multiple cameras can be installed to capture presenter and audience views. Speaker tracking cameras provide automatic framing and tracking of presenters as they move about the room, allowing for a completely hands-free presentation.

Interactive whiteboarding accommodates rapid digital annotation that is captured and shared in the presentation. The host can allow participants to make additional annotations for further collaboration or expanding on ideas.



Distance learning is the new normal.

Classrooms range from small hybrid rooms for distance learning to larger classrooms for higher education environments. Scalable systems include high quality equipment, leaving you with powerful teaching tools when the students return to the classroom.

Whether you're able to conduct limited in-classroom teaching, or broadcasting to a virtual network of students, InGenius can design a hybrid system powerful enough to reach hundreds of students across town or across the globe. Live sessions can be recorded, or pre-recorded for future webcasts.

Multiple cameras and displays enhance the instructor and participant interaction. Interactive whiteboarding accommodates rapid digital annotation that’s captured and shared in the presentation. The host can allow participants to make additional annotations for further collaboration or expand on ideas.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your class-room type, and project objectives.

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