Modern companies require modern collaboration spaces

Is your team struggling to collaborate and get things done?

With open–plan offices and more remote team members, it can be a challenge to find a dedicated, quiet space to easily work together.

Impromptu meeting spaces end up wasting valuable time because they lack the infrastructure to make video conferencing as simple as pressing “Start Meeting”.

Zoom Rooms Huddle Room Planning Guide


The Huddle Room has become one of the most popular meeting spaces in the modern workplace. This is a strategically small space that typically accommodates up to 7 people.

With a small real estate footprint and low cost installation, you can quickly build out several Huddle Rooms allowing for small groups to easily meet on the fly in a quiet space for an intimate conversation, brain-storming, or problem solving session without interruption. The Huddle Room provides a sanctuary to stay engaged and collaborate with remote workers and clients. 

As a small room, this is the ultimate flexible space. When teammates aren’t using the space to meet, the room can be used as a multi-use space, such as a client-use office, or hot-desking environment for remote-workers.

Huddle rooms enable you to do more with less, with typically lower equipment and installation costs.

Huddle Room Layouts

Huddle rooms typically measure 10’x10’ in size with a small table in the center of the room, or pushed up against the display wall to enhance the telepresence experience. Huddle Room systems allow for easy customization and scalability.

Standard Huddle Rooms consist of a single display at the front of the room, a camera placed above or below the monitor, a soundbar, and a microphone.

Room control is commanded via an intuitive touch-screen tablet. The controller can be wall mounted, or placed on the table top. This unit provides complete control of all room and video conference capabilities, as well as  scheduling, calendaring, and invitation capabilities.

An optional touch-screen Scheduler Panel, is installed at the entry into the room. This device displays ‘Busy’ or ‘Available’ room status, current and upcoming meetings, alternative ‘Available’ meeting rooms, as well as provides   scheduling, calendaring, and invitation capabilities.


Huddle Room Configurations


All-in-One Appliances

Forget individual cameras, mics, and speakers that need constant updating, excessive setup time, and messy wire connections.

All-in-one Appliances are the perfect solution for the Huddle Room, by making it easier to deploy and manage Zoom Rooms then ever before.

These standalone devices have a built in compute, mic, speaker, camera, and include a PoE powered controller for all control interfacing. They also support both wired and wireless content sharing.

Touch Huddle

Create the ultimate meeting experience in your Huddle Room with our All-In-One touch solutions that give you the full arsenal of collaboration tools.

HD cameras and microphones built into a large format touch display provide a single standalone meeting device with the added functionality of real time, collaborative digital whiteboarding and on-screen meeting control.

Zoom Rooms for Touch can be implemented using either an All-In-One Appliance or an Interactive Display combined with a Zoom Rooms appliance. Users can start a whiteboard session, annotate and then invite others on desktop or mobile to view or co-annotate. Users can save the whiteboard image and annotations at any time by sending the image file to email recipients you specify.


Huddle Room Kits

Huddle kits allow for maximum scalability and flexibility in the ever-changing work space.

Choose a kit to mix and match the best-rated cameras, microphones, and speakers within your budget for a professional video conference experience.

Our custom kits include either stand alone components or all in one Video Soundbar, and deliver a sharp camera image, and crystal clear audio.

Video Soundbar systems are an all-in-one device with integrated camera, microphone and speaker. These can be utilized for a Zoom Rooms Conference with a dedicated compute, or use BYOD to drive and control the Zoom Client meeting.

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