Starting a meeting shouldn’t require a call to IT

Modern conference rooms need to leverage the latest technology without becoming confusing for users to use on their own.

Too many IT managers see their teams’ time eaten up troubleshooting simple video meeting issues.

We build custom, easy-to-use Zoom Conference Rooms

Perfect for larger meetings, Zoom-integrated conference rooms allow seamless collaboration — without the complex, issue–prone AV that eats up the first 10 minutes of every meeting.

Partnering with InGenius means day one readiness for your conference room.


Conference Rooms Guide


Seamless Collaboration

Today's conventional Conference room is a medium sized space seating 7-13 people.

A space designed where entire teams can come together to present and collaborate on ideas, in a private session, or connect and share with colleagues all over the globe, whether they’re in a home office, or a corporate boardroom.

Common Room Layouts

This room type typically includes side-by-side dual-monitor 55”-65” displays, with a PTZ camera mounted between the monitors.

Placing the camera between the displays allows for a cohesive viewing angle between the near and far ends, creating a more natural face to face experience.


Interactivity & Auto-framing

The camera provides a sharp 1080p image, and is 4K ready in the event of future content upgrades. The camera also provides Pan, Tilt, Zoom control to focus on everyone in the room, or zoom in on a single presenter. 

Optional camera upgrades are available that provide an auto-framing feature for groups, which will frame all participants in the room upon launch of the meeting, removing the need to manually adjust the camera during the meeting.

This solution can also accommodate an optional interactive display that functions as a whiteboard with annotation collaboration features in the Zoom Rooms for Touch package. The interactive display can be used as a tool for local presentations as well.

Technology That Simply Works

All system equipment is mounted discreetly behind the displays, which allows for easy serviceability, and no additional space and costs required to install an expensive equipment rack.

Room control is commanded via an intuitive and easy to use touch-screen tablet. The controller can be wall mounted, or placed on the table top. This unit provides complete control of all room and video conference capabilities.

An optional touch-screen tablet, the Scheduler Panel, can be installed outside the entry door to the room. This device displays ‘Busy’ or ‘Available’ room status, current and upcoming meetings, scheduling capabilities, as well as additional calendaring options.


Conference Room Configurations

We offer a variety of best-in-class Enterprise Conference Room solutions perfect for any space.

When putting together your system, it’s critical to consider the physical space, including it’s unique acoustic and light properties.

There are a variety of options to choose from, we have put together a few of our favorites below. We encourage you to schedule a demonstration with our Design Team to discuss any equipment you are interested in.


Simple Conference Room

For a simplified yet scalable and customizable conference room, we recommend two 55-65” displays, a single HD PTZ camera mounted between the displays, USB table-top microphones, and a stereo soundbar wall-mounted above the displays to deliver a matched point of focus with the audio and video experience.

An additional touch display with Windows 10 PC running Zoom Rooms for Touch can be paired with the room in Whiteboard companion mode. 

The following kits include our favorite hardware.



Enterprise Conference Room

For our enterprise clients, we install ProAV systems with today's industry-leading equipment. After a careful review and design of your space, we can deliver a world-class video conference solution for any conference room.

These systems include upgraded cameras and components, as well as custom microphone and speaker designs to deliver the best possible audio and video experience in any environment.

An additional 3rd display or interactive touch-screen can be integrated with the room, for increased usability, display options, and collaborative whiteboarding.

These systems can support expanded functionality to include 3rd party room controls, such as lights, shades, and HVAC.

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