Boardrooms need seamless, user-friendly video conferencing

Modern boardrooms need remote collaboration solutions — without the headaches, troubleshooting, or visits from IT.

Boardrooms are host to mission-critical meetings. IT teams look good when these meetings go off without a hitch, every time.

We integrate Zoom Rooms hardware to create connected boardrooms

Ideal for large meetings, Zoom-integrated board rooms mean your company’s leadership can collaborate as effectively as if they were all there in person.

At InGenius, we focus on day one readiness for your videoconferencing-enabled boardroom.


Zoom Rooms Guide for Boardrooms


The Centerpiece of Your Office Space

The Boardroom is the centerpiece of your office space and defines your culture.

It is the ultimate war room for today's visionaries shaping the future, and a place for shareholders to say yes or no. The Boardroom is your company’s virtual face in a video connected world. This is a space to showcase today's best technologies and collaboration solutions.

Countless Display Options

Our premium Boardroom solutions have a typical footprint around 12’x22’, these rooms include three large format 4K ready monitors at the front of the room allowing for countless options to display: Near and Far end, Active Speaker, Local and Shared Content, and Whiteboard.

With the optional upgrade, one monitor is installed with touch-capability so teammates can annotate in real-time with all participants in the meeting or presentation. 

Two 1080p PTZ cameras with auto-framing and auto-focus are placed strategically in the front and rear of the room to optimize multiple views of the participants, or focus on a single speaker.

Zoom Rooms Boardroom Configuration

Industry-Leading Audio Quality

All of our designs include industry-leading Shure microphone solutions. Based on your particular environment and use-cases, we can provide Ceiling Mount, Table-Top, Handheld, or Lavalier systems. 

Audio is heard in the room via high-quality ceiling speakers. Speakers are distributed evenly throughout the room, so all participants can hear clearly in every seat. We have a speaker solution for every ceiling type.

These systems can support expanded functionality to include 3rd party room controls, such as lights, shades, and HVAC.

Boardroom Configurations

Whether you need a world-class Boardroom, or a simple enterprise-grade meeting space for large groups, we have your solution. Our basic kit can often be installed and commissioned by your internal AV/IT support team. Our Premium and Platinum custom designs are professionally installed by our Certified InGenius Engineers.

When putting together your system, it’s critical to consider the physical space, including it’s unique acoustic and light properties.

There are a variety of options to choose from, we have put together a few of our favorites below. We encourage you to schedule a demonstration with our Design Team to discuss any equipment you are interested in.



For our enterprise clients we install ProAV systems with today's industry-leading technology.

Utilizing ceiling speaker and microphone arrays, as well as automated HD PTZ cameras, we deliver systems designed for seamless hands-off participant engagement and consistent audio and video coverage throughout the room.

A third display or interactive touch-screen can be integrated in the room for increased usability, display options, and collaborative whiteboarding.



Our premium kit is the ultimate package for clients looking for maximum performance with a limited budget. 

These kits offer a best in class table-top microphone array scalable to any size room, as well as full range in-ceiling speakers for even sound coverage throughout the room. One or two HD PTZ cameras with automated framing and tracking provide video coverage from any vantage point in the room. 



For a simplified USB-based large conference room or Boardroom, we recommend three 65-75” displays, a single HD PTZ camera mounted between the displays, USB table-top microphones, and two stereo soundbars wall-mounted above the displays to deliver a matched point of focus with the audio and video experience.

An additional touch display with Windows 10 PC running Zoom Rooms for Touch can be paired with the room in Whiteboard companion mode.

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