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2020 changed the way we work as a team.

With more people working from home, the need to stay connected is critical.

With more people working from home, the need to stay effectively connected is critical. Our home office solutions provide an instant connection with team members across your entire organization. We believe it is important to ensure home office workers have quality tools to do their job and present professionally to your clients and colleagues.

Our tools provide the ability to get face to face with colleagues & clients with the click of a button, and collaborate side-by-side as if you were sitting at the same table.

Home Office Configurations

Your home has become your office. We offer a variety of systems for the Home and Executive office that provides for the full Zoom Rooms experience with any of your BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] or dedicated hardware. 

Just because people are working from home does not mean it has to be unprofessional. With HD cameras, ambient noise cancelling microphones, and volume adjusting speaker phones you can be sure you present yourself with clearly and professionally. 

There are a variety of options to choose from, we have put together a few of our favorites below. We encourage you to schedule a demonstration with our Design Team to discuss any equipment you are interested in.

BYOD Systems

Shot of two colleagues video chatting with each other on a computer at work

The camera and mic built into your laptop is unacceptable for a professional video conference. With simple hardware add-ons you can enjoy enhanced audio and video quality from your laptop or desktop, or anywhere you're connected for happy professional video conference experiences on the go.

Using your laptop or desktop as the heart of the system, small hardware upgrades can be added to improve your meeting experience.  Poor audio quality and background noise can be a thing of your past. 

Suffer from bad lighting? There are lighting kits available for a warm professional video. 

Do camera angles have you not looking your best? There are easy tripod solutions. 

From cameras that give a greater field of view and clarity, to microphones with noise & echo cancellation, and to whole Video Soundbar units that have everything but the computer built in, there are many options to choose from. These upgrades travel well with you so you can set up wherever you are.

All-in-One Appliances


Forget individual cameras, mics, and speakers that need constant updating, excessive setup time, and messy wire connections. All-in-one video bars are the perfect solution for the Home Office. Our latest options include a built-in compute, so there's no need to surrender your laptop or desktop as the host or a participant, leaving you free to multitask during a meeting.

To create a conference room quality experience in your home, use one of the latest All-in-One Appliances built for Zoom Rooms.  These appliances can be easily installed in your home to greatly improve your meeting experience.

Full control of the system through a touch panel.  Clear Microphones and Camera quality allow you to move about your home office freely while conducting interactive meetings with your teammates.

Touch Systems


Create the Enterprise Meeting Room experience in your home. Our All-In-One touch solutions give you the full arsenal of collaboration tools from your favorite chair. HD cameras and microphones built into a large format touch display provide a single standalone meeting device with the added functionality of real time, collaborative digital whiteboarding and on-screen meeting control.

For those who use annotation regularly in their meetings, a touch system is vital for the home office. Give yourself the opportunity to use an interactive whiteboard to freely annotate and clearly experience your vision while in a meeting.

These are interactive touch screen monitors that provide the full Zoom experience accessible with a touch interface, and no mouse/keyboard required.

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