“... Whatever the size of the project, whether it's 25 Zoom Rooms or three Zoom Rooms, the quality is always there and they always deliver… Working with [InGenius], it just makes me look better in terms of my job. Everyone looks at me, they're like, "Wow, you've done so great." And I'm like, well, I just chose the right AV Integrator.”

Allen Jeter

Director of IT, Iterable

“I’ve never seen an Integrator so resilient and come through despite all odds, they deliver my deployments on time everytime!”

“Our company builds out and upgrades hundreds of new video conference rooms every year across the country. InGenius ensures a reliable and consistent meeting experience in every room in every office”

“These guys are miracle workers. I have never worked with an integrator at 3am until now. After countless construction delays snowballing into delayed furniture installation, InGenius stood by to do whatever it takes to deliver the promised AV solutions on Day One.”

“With offices in every part of North America, I’m constantly amazed InGenius can deliver top tier Engineers and Installers in every one of our markets.”

“InGenus has become a partner for life. They deliver the promised solution ontime and on budget, and stand by their product no matter what. Following the opening of our new office, they were there to take every phone call to resolve any issues on the spot.”

“Forget the old AV of yesteryear. I no longer need to pay the dividends for off-shore shareholders to give me a high-quality telepresence experience. Zoom has changed the world of video conferencing forever.”

“I'm so grateful for InGenius for believing in customer service, and standing by their product.”

“The dedication to their craft is unparalleled.”

“I know InGenius is thrilled to be partnered with one of the leading tech companies in Silicon Valley, but we are equally as grateful for their personal business model that tailors their services to our needs.”

“Old AV is done! You gave us a solution for $50K that used to cost us $150K or more which had a limited shelf life.These new products get better every time a new software version is released.”

“As Director of IT, I want nothing to do with designing and engineering our AV spaces. One phone call to InGenius, and all of my meeting spaces are perfectly engineered and installed. My company treats me like a rockstar thanks to InGenius.”

“Have you ever had a videoconference disaster on a sunday night on a holiday weekend? It happened to me. Thanks to the InGenius Service Department, I had dedicated support engineers resolve the issue within minutes.”

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